How Keywords Can Link You Easily With Recruiters


Do you know that sorting the right keywords in your CV and LinkedIn profile can lead you to your dream job? 

Undoubtedly, having the right qualifications will help you, but you have to think about the exact keywords to put.

What words you use, matters.

Most people understand that keywords can make the difference between your LinkedIn Profile and CV, shining like a bright star or being lost in digital space. It is also important to understand which keywords matter to attract the right views.

Many recruitment agencies or businesses that use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) will have a search function. This allows them to search for candidates that have previously applied to roles or been uploaded into their system.

How can you utilize Keywords on your CV and LinkedIn Profile?

  • Use variations of keywords: A wide variety of words and phrases will demonstrate your diverse qualities and increase your chances of a scanner picking your resume out of a large pool of applicants.
  • Ensure you have descriptive job titles.

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  • You can use keywords everywhere in your LinkedIn Profile and CV! Even so, two main focus areas must include keywords relevant to your industry or profession: the Summary and the Experience section.
  • Other areas to include keywords can be added to your LinkedIn Profile and CV. You could include a short project synopsis with associated keywords if you worked on Projects. 
  • Another excellent way to include keywords is to use them as a catalyst to tell an impact statement about something you achieved, succeeded in, or overcame a challenge. 

If you’ve done Volunteer work, you can also add a short description with keywords. Don’t forget your Skills section.

• Soft Skills: Problem Solving, Customer Service, Team Management, Conflict Resolution. 

• Hard Skills: Report Writing, Business Development, Mechanical Design.

• Job Titles: Store Manager, Marketing Consultant, Team Leader, Cashier 

Based on your professional experience level, here are a few idea-starters for great impact statements:

Internships ▪ Volunteer Experience ▪ Awards or Recognition ▪ Community Activities ▪ Professional Organizations ▪ Collegiate or Athletic Clubs & Activities ▪ Leadership Style & Abilities ▪ Creating High-Performance Teams ▪ Peer-to-Peer Collaboration ▪ Mentoring & Coaching ▪ Strategic Planning & Implementation ▪ Engaging Employees & Staff Development.

Your CV and LinkedIn Profile Header are valuable for marketing real estate: use them wisely!