Getting out of the Me Mindset


  • If you are searching for a job and not getting the desired results, this article will help you answer, “Why can’t I find a job?” and turn your job search around.
  • And if you’ve had interviews but weren’t selected, I’ll help you answer the question, “Why won’t anyone hire me?”

This is supposed to be a picture of an unemployed old guy.

But honestly, the reason this guy is still unemployed might be because he’s a terrible Copywriter!!

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It’s all filled with ME ME ME. It’s all about Him.

Let’s say you’re an employer that hires people, and then you see this sign. Would you hire him?

He wrote:

  • I know 3 trades
  • I speak 3 languages
  • Fought for 3 years
  • Have 3 children, and no work for 3 months
  • But I only want ONE JOB

So, let’s think as a recruiter or a business owner hiring candidates

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  • He knows three trades, but do I know which trades he is doing or how they will benefit the company?
  • Even the languages he spoke, as if an employer is hiring someone who speaks Spanish, how will he know that he’s a Spanish speaker?
  • Have 3 children, so what! ! ! we all have children
  • No work for 3 Months: I can see why no one is hiring you based on your presentation

Always try not to put words that won’t matter to a recruiter.

This guy was trying to use a sob story to get someone to hire him. As if someone owes him employment because he has three children, fought for three years, or even had no work for three months, while it can be because he wasn’t good at his previous job.

Even when he said ‘‘I want a job,’’ so does everyone, so it’s also useless, and as an employer, I don’t care about all of this; if I am going to pay you money for being around my business, what can you do in exchange for that money? What makes you unique? Or how can you even help me?

You have to know how to represent yourself in the required manner and always try to catch their attention by saying things you do that will matter to them, getting out of the Me mindset, and trying to think about their needs in order to give them what they want.

In this case, you will grab the attention of the recruiters and the hiring managers.

Let’s take a look at the following picture after a minor amendment:

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So we just took the original sign and changed the words with valuable keywords that any recruiter or a hiring manager will look at when hiring someone.

We tried to show the employer his skills, the languages he speaks, and how he is willing to work.

Always show that you are willing to learn quickly; whatever they need you to do, you will help them. In this case, you are focusing on their needs, not yours.

 Then let me ask you the same question again: Would you hire him if you saw this new sign?

People don’t need to constantly hear about ‘Your Needs’ in your CV, resume, and LinkedIn profile; always try to focus on how you will help the other person.

People do want to hear about you, but mainly because they want to know how working with you is good.....FOR THEM.

Not only does this poor guy suffer from this, but also many fresh graduates and people are stuck in their jobs for many years as when they leave it, they face a lot of things until finding a new Job.

Many of the fresh graduates who are in their early 20s around us suffer from this case. When they finish their studies and apply for a job, they see many requirements and recruiters asking for years of experience and high qualifications.

Not only this, but also, their CVs or LinkedIn profiles are often incomplete and don’t provide a good presentation of their skills. Therefore, recruiters can´t see what they are good at or how you will help them.

Experienced people also may suffer from this, as some of them may stick years in the same job and then start looking for a better position with a better benefit; but they can’t find the job of their dreams even after all these years.

This may be because he didn’t show enough of his achievements, skills, and qualifications on his CV and LinkedIn profile.

Your CV and LinkedIn profile are your personal branding tools, and the first impressions are always important.

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Why you are good at your job is displayed through your achievements. You should always try to show your achievements and write about them. It is what recruiters look for in a CV.

And this is what brings out your capabilities and makes your real expertise visible.

People often say generic stuff like, ‘I worked in marketing, but that doesn’t tell me anything about what they’ve done.

Which keywords can you use on your LinkedIn profile to help you stand out? What specifically have you done that would be relevant to the jobs you’re applying for?

List achievements according to priority and importance for the role you are applying for, and don’t lie or exaggerate about any achievements, as they will come out eventually. Nothing would be more embarrassing than to get caught up in this.

And also, by showing your achievements and skills in your LinkedIn profile will help highlight to employers that you have built a solid social and professional network with your colleagues.

Writing all of your achievements in your LinkedIn profile is a great way to highlight "Why you’re an excellent fit for this job".