Ways to Keep a Pulse on the Companies You Care About on LinkedIn


Whether you’re hunting for a new job, want to learn more about a company you've had your eye on, or just want to keep up on the latest industry news.

If you have already done a professional CV but don’t know how to use it on LinkedIn or what to do next, here are a few new features to help you connect with the companies you’re interested in on LinkedIn:

It's important to remember that recruiters may reach out to you if you have a strong LinkedIn profile.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile with keywords gives you a higher chance of showing up in recruiters' search results.

They'll be able to find you and see that you have the skills and experience they need for the job opportunity. This is your ideal situation: instead of having to reach out to recruiters in your job search, they'll come to you!

1. Optimize Your Profile: Fill out all the fields in the additional information area. This will make what you do clear to users and help your LinkedIn SEO.

These are a few Optimization Tips:

·    Add keywords in your description.

·    Add hashtags.

·    Add a Branded Cover Photo: Relevant to your field

·    Follow Relevant people to the Job you’re applying for

·    Post, Share, Comment & Like continuously to be easily recognized

·    Have a Catchy, Relevant, and Optimized Headline: Your headline is the first thing that people see and the first thing that recruiters get when they screen through the search results, so you want to have a headline that catches people's attention. 

This is because if you don't do anything about it, it will default be your most recent job title.

·    Turn your Summary into a Story: (Don’t Forget to mention your Achievements)  

·     Dedicate time to supporting other creators on the platform

·    Become an active community member in digital and in-person events

·     Share knowledge on the LinkedIn platform to help others achieve similar results

The biggest difference between LinkedIn and other social media platforms is that LinkedIn requires a level of quality and professionalism and a dedication to building real connections with your audience.

2. The following step is to connect with the HR department to the company you’re applying for.

If a recruiter doesn't respond to your connection request, it's best to move on.

There could be many reasons the recruiter doesn't respond, and some may have nothing to do with your request. Being too aggressive about the connection request could damage your chances of getting the job. 

Make one request and if the recruiter doesn't respond, let it go.

You can continue your job hunt by searching LinkedIn for other professionals who work at the company where you're pursuing employment.

They can give you tips that may help you land a job interview. This is not only a good way to boost your job search, but it will also help you build your professional network.