Develop Yourself, Or Lose The Chance


Still searching for a job, but can’t find one? Going to many interviews but hasn’t been selected yet?

You may have all the qualifications for the job, but no one calls you.

This may be because you don’t write the words to help your CV pass the ATS.               

So maybe you can send a CV similar to this one, but then wonder why not accepted? 

This is a CV of a young guy who is like you, wants to get a job. But making one CV mistake can get you out of the competition. 


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First, he shouldn't put a Profile Picture to avoid discrimination, as the first thing we should show the recruiters is your value, not a photo.


Also, he dismissed the Summary Section, which is one of the most important things and the first main thing that recruiters check, as you should contain in it three factors: a) Years of Experience b) Responsibilities and Your value, c) What will you offer for the company you’re targeting.


You should also avoid the word “Objective” and replace it with the summary section by not also forgetting that we aren’t seeking an opportunity; it’s about branding yourself.

State also some of your achievements and try to make it in numbers. Example: Handled more than 2000 angry customers. Remember: Recruiters love to see numbers in achievements. 

  • Your data need to be more achievement-oriented. 

The young man also forgot to add his LinkedIn profile URL, which is one of the biggest problems as two of the main important features of LinkedIn, a) when a recruiter visits your profile, it’s a win-win. You can then connect with him and start communicating with him.

He also arranged the sections wrongly in his CV; he should rearrange it with the first to the least important thing, as in his CV, the first thing he put was Education. How many people graduated from the same school? How will it make it different for you? 

You have to re-consider checking the punctuation and spelling, especially in Keywords.

Keywords are one of the main things in your CV. You can add it to your technical skills, as they are things you do; you can also add it to your Summary.

He also missed the job description in each Job title and the date of his work. It’s not obligatory to put the job description in your previous jobs. It can be only in your current job or any relevant job. 

Each valued word you add, can ease your chance of getting your dream job, so why not do it now?

To make a professional CV, that can pass easily through ATS. You have to show your Achievements and your career path. 

And that is what we offer now to do it for you. Just begin and send your current CV on WhatsApp, and do yours now

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