What is the LinkedIn SSI tool, and (How is it useful for You)?


LinkedIn has always been a ‘professional network’ As it has some unique features that other social media platforms don't have. One of them is LinkedIn SSI or (Social selling index).

The SSI scoring tool is unique to LinkedIn. It’s often used with great effect by sales teams and people looking to improve their LinkedIn game and get noticed more often on the professional social network. It encourages competition between users.

Is it beneficial to increase the score of your SSI on LinkedIn?

If you want to get the job of your dreams, the answer will be yes. It’s essential to increase your SSI score on LinkedIn, as if your score increases, your reach will increase, and this will help you get more noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

What is the SSI or (Social Selling Index) on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn SSI is defined as the measure of the strength of your personal or business brand on LinkedIn. Its number scores how efficiently you use LinkedIn as a social media platform in four different elements:

  • Establish your Professional Brand:

Everything you include in your profile must be aimed at showing the customer's what you do or what your business is about – and most importantly, which involves creating your LinkedIn profile with your customer in mind. You should have a 100% complete profile. A complete profile consists of a professional profile photo, headline, summary, skills, and experience. Add your work examples to show your prospects.

  • Make the Right Connections and Grow your Network:

Indicates the quality and relevancy of people that you connect with. The more relevant people you reach related to your work industry, the more networks will grow.

For example, Pete is a digital marketer interested in social media and digital marketing, so he should reach and interact professionally and friendly with digital marketers and people who are relevant to this industry. Take advantage of those who view your profile and follow them up with a professional presentation.

  • Engage with Insights:

Indicates how you post and interact with others. Frequency and quality matter.

❖  Be proactive on LinkedIn.

❖  Follow other people's content.

❖  Be a source of insight.

❖  Share relevant content and news in your LinkedIn timeline.

❖  Engage in community discussions by commenting on other people's status updates.

❖  Build an extensive network of connections by following prospects, customers, and competitors.

  • Build Trusted Relationships:

Good networks give you many opportunities for finding new opportunities and securing a seat. It measures your success at expanding your network to direct prospects and potential people who can introduce you to business prospects. You always have to maintain good communication that’s built with trust.

Focus on connecting and establishing trust with recruiters and hiring managers. After creating the right connections, keep in contact with them periodically with proper timing to ensure they do not forget about your existence.

How to Find your SSI score On LinkedIn

You can find your SSI Score by following this link for free.


How to increase your LinkedIn SSI Score:

Most people who want to be successful on LinkedIn focus on getting their SSI higher. If you want to get known by recruiters or hiring managers and increase your SSI score. Using the four categories we mentioned before, post regularly on the feed and in LinkedIn groups, write articles and comment on others’ posts, and make quality connections.

You can also pay for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. If you use Sales Navigator’s tools regularly to build lead lists and send messages to sales prospects, according to LinkedIn itself, these activities will boost your SSI up to 20% in six months.