Expand Your Online Opportunity: Widen Your Network


Why to be buried with only certain connections when you can expand your network and take advantage of every job opportunity?

First, you have to know that making connections is a core fundamental of getting Jobs.

People mainly differ while applying for a Job. Either they are getting their jobs through an online connection or an offline connection. 

Offline Connections: These are the people you get to know through your daily life. Either from work, friends, or one of your family. 

A lot of times, though, we automatically insert the word “social” before networking. We are so used to social networking that we have started to forget how powerful networking can be when you take it offline.

It’s more of Face-to-Face Communication.

Those people who know your value.

But the question remains, "How well is your online networking actually working?"

So First, you need to understand the importance of your online connections.

Online Connections: Connections are members who connect on any social media platform( Facebook, LinkedIn) because they know and trust each other. 

But you have to know why you want the connections or why the connections want you. 

But mainly, getting connections through LinkedIn can be the most professional way and then grow your network.

If your network is the result of you adding value to it and each of your connections derives value from being connected with you on LinkedIn, it's valuable.

If you are simply growing your network with the expectation that will give you engagement or reputation, then it’s also worth it.

You mainly connect to relevant people.

If you're connected to someone, you will both be able to see each other's shares and updates on your LinkedIn home pages. 

You can also send messages to your connections on LinkedIn.

And then transfer your connections from an online to an offline one.

So how do you take online connections offline? If you are ready to transition online connections into real-world business relationships.

  • Consider what you have to offer: You have to make sure what you will deliver and what you are good at.
  • Seek to give before you receive: 
  • Listen and join online conversations: Now that you know what you offer and have the right mindset, you can productively listen and join online conversations.
  • Be thoughtful in your outreach.
  • Bonus: Get an introduction: Successful people know their time is valuable; time is an investment, and you must protect it. 
  • Offer More, Ask for less.
It’s mainly not the quantity of people on your network that matters but the quality of relationships with those people.