LinkedIn Content Strategy: Post Ideas for Growth


In this article, we are going to think of LinkedIn differently. 

Instead of thinking of LinkedIn as a professional place to put your content. Replace “Professional” with “Leadership.”

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is becoming increasingly similar to conventional social media apps like Instagram or Facebook. 

It's common for recruiters to look at your recent posts, comments, and other activity alongside your skills and experience to assess how fit you are for the job.

So, if you're looking to boost your engagement on LinkedIn to increase your chances of getting discovered by recruiters, we have a couple of suggestions you should check out. 

Here are some LinkedIn tips to help your LinkedIn growth. 

  • Before adding any content to your profile, you’ll need to add connections relevant to your industry to ensure that you’ve got the right audience.

1. Share a Work Story:

Sharing a work story is a great way to demonstrate your competence while keeping the post personal and warm. You can share how you handled a recent challenging project, mediated a workplace conflict, or created strategies to help your company.

You don't need to go too much into the details. The goal is to present your employability naturally without seeming self-promoting.

2. Ask for Your Connections' Opinion:

You can make polls or ask your connections what they think about a particular idea, event, design, product, or thing. On LinkedIn, for instance, some graphic designers ask their connections to compare and choose the best of two of their designs.

This is a great way to increase your engagement and helps you understand your connections better. You can also use their opinions as primary data to know what people prefer.

3. Write an Article on LinkedIn.

  • After all, people would only want to read a lengthy article if it's relevant to them or provides value in one way or the other. So, make sure that your article is relevant to your connections to ensure they actually read and share it.

After posting your content on LinkedIn, it will automatically improve your SSI (Social Selling Index) on your LinkedIn Profile, which will help you be recognized as the first option when a recruiter searches for someone related to your industry.

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