Your CV is being rejected?


Your CV is being rejected? These 18 tips will increase your opportunities to get the desired job.

  1. Email subject line empty shouldn't be empty, add your name and job title you're applying to you may do the same to the name of the attached document
  2. Don't send an email with no written message inside, writing something positive will get a better impression.
  3. Never add too many companies in the same email, It could be treated as spam.
  4. Don't forget to attach your CV in the email, it seems weird but many people do that :D
  5. Don’t forward. You can get a better first impression in few clicks, do them.
  6. Always send your CV in English; you may send it in other languages upon request only.
  7. A CV of 20 pages is too much. Maximum 3 pages, less are preferred.
  8. Don't attach tons of Certificates, only if required.
  9. CV format must be PDF or word. don't use a jpg or other photo formats.
  10. Standard CVs are always the best. Too many colors, borders, images, and logos, are frustrating
  11. "Curriculum vitae", "Resume" or "CV" word on top of the file should be removed. use the space for something more interesting.
  12. Review the email carefully; avoid grammatical, spelling, or punctuation mistakes.
  13. Don't copy & paste the contents of the CV or the message itself. Be authentic.
  14. Use a professional email including your actual name.
  15. Add your LinkedIn Profile Link.
  16. Remove objective from CV.
  17. Don't keep references personal contact details in your CV.
  18. Add photo only if requested to avoid discrimination.

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