Personal Website Vs. LinkedIn Profile Which is better?


It would help if you thought of it as one vs. the other. Digital presence should be an all-around experience.

LinkedIn is a website where people connect to conduct business. It is more a networking site than a social networking site. 

On LinkedIn, you can connect and network more efficiently. It's easier to get a better grasp of who's interested in your profile.

Average users treat their profile as a CV preview.

They are usually not aware of missed opportunities caused by a poor profile.

A LinkedIn profile is about branding. Positioning yourself in a specific space. It allows you to emphasize where you want to be, not what you have done. It is very much a forward-looking document.

In addition, in LinkedIn profiles, we have the luxury of going into a lot more detail about the people we are and the types of roles we can fill.

Recommendations, endorsements, and the profile summary space all have their limitations, but together they work to provide a holistic view of you as a professional.

A LinkedIn profile can be your personal brand for only a short time, but if you need to build your personal brand in the long term, then creating your website is your go-to.

By having a personal website, you own the content you create.

Every word you write, every piece of information you share, belongs only to you.

You don’t have to worry if all of that will disappear one day because you control it. The only restriction here is creativity, which can not be an issue. You’re different. You’re unique. And that’s exactly what your personal website reflects – YOU.

A personal brand is not plain marketing talk – it should be a dynamic interaction and engagement between you and your target audience, the people you want to influence and impact. 

So, even if it sounds a little bit “too much,” you should always have in mind that it reflects you and that you’re in charge of it. 

A personal website is a perfect tool for boosting your career.

Both LinkedIn and personal website have their own “perks.” LinkedIn is a perfect tool for making professional connections, while a personal website allows you to express creativity and stand out from the competition.

 Use LinkedIn to introduce your website, blog, or portfolio. Share a new blog post in a LinkedIn group and start a discussion about it. 

 You can also use LinkedIn to get traffic to your website – when people like what they see on your profile, they will visit it. So it’s a win-win!

The key to success with all of this is to ensure you know your brand message and that everything on your profile and website supports that brand message. And if it doesn’t, you’re better off without it.