Why Will People Hire You?


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You may think that you have done your all in your cv, you put the right picture, and you set up all your work experience and skills. 

But you need to know that if you want to get qualified for the job you’re aiming for, you have to answer this question: How will I help the company I’ll work for? Why will they hire me?

  • Putting a Profile Photo isn’t necessary. People can judge you based on any photo you put. 

  • Put all your achievements that you have done. Ps: if you don’t have any achievements as you haven’t worked for, put any of your achievements on any volunteering experience or something you learned from.

  • State your skills relevant to the job you’re applying for, not any general skills like Computer Skills, Active Listening. Everyone has these skills. Instead, try to find a more specific word or phrase to convey your abilities.

    If you’re applying for a specific job, try to put everything related to this job in your CV, whether in your accomplishments, skills, or summary.

    When you apply for a Job, try and search for keywords that will help you with ATS (Applicant Tracking System), as this system filters all the CVs and chooses some CVs based on some relevant keywords.