You vs. You


I’m not going to apply for this opportunity because I'll get rejected. 

I’m not going to apply for this company because I don’t have background experience. 

If you don’t apply for these jobs, you 100% won’t get the Job. 

You have to stop this mentality if you want to achieve what you want.

Now, don't just apply online without a good CV or a LinkedIn Profile and expect to get hired.

What makes you unique?

Take matters into your own hands, network, and build relationships with people relevant to your industry on your Linkedin Profile.

Start connecting with those people and interacting with them while not forgetting to ensure you’ve got the right audience.

You will only know when recruiters will see your LinkedIn profile if you weren’t already filled out your 3,000 words in your Summary. 

You need to re-present yourself right. 

Many people struggle to represent themselves and only focus on their experience and talking about themselves instead of showing their achievements, how they helped their previous companies, and how they will help their new ones.

Make a strong CV that can pass easily through ATS, making it easy for the HR department to recognize you and get visible.

If you’re applying for a specific job, try and search for keywords related to the job you’re searching for.

Adding Keywords will help you more with ATS “Applicant Tracking System,” as this system filters all the CVs and chooses some based on relevant keywords.

In this case, you will guarantee to be recognized in the minds of the recruiters.

While you can have all the right qualifications they search for, you still don’t know how to invest in yourself.

Most times, it's you vs. you.