Keep Track of your Achievement: Employers aren’t looking for average


Achievement is one of the most important qualities someone can have. The more you achieve, the better you become and the better chances you will have when it comes to looking for a new job.

Achieving the aim or task gives greater personal satisfaction than receiving praise or recognition. As you keep achieving your goals, your financials increase.

Stating down your achievements will make recruiters, employers, and hiring managers think that: 

         “Oh hey, I can see this candidate doing the same thing at MY company.

Showing your achievements will:

  • Bring value to your career and shows off your skills
  • Provide a clear picture of you in action at work

Achievement-motivated people constantly seek improvements and ways of doing things better.

In our lives, it is crucial to have personal and professional objectives. Which, when reached, will become your personal and professional achievements.

But as the years pass, some may forget to update their CVs or LinkedIn profiles. 

When they want a better job opportunity, they may struggle, as they might forget what they have done in the past years.

Which will make it difficult to get a better chance while looking for a new job when it can be your dream job.

But as you keep achieving your goals, you must remember to write down your achievements, whether in your CV or your LinkedIn profile, what you have accomplished for the company, what you did, and how beneficial you were.

Employers aren’t looking for average; the difference between a resume that gets passed over and one that gets shortlisted is a candidate who seems exceptional. So how do you make your CV and LinkedIn shine?

However, I like to define achievement as:

  1. Anything you did particularly well in a job
  2. Anything that you did that was on top of the original job description for the job

And don’t forget that if you want to get recognized easily, you must set perfect keywords as it has two benefits:

  • It will make your CV easily pass through ATS, which will increase your chance of getting hired.
  • Putting the right keywords on LinkedIn can easily connect you with recruiters and hiring managers in the same field.

And don’t forget: 

‘’What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.’’